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Summer Reckoning: only 17 days remaining!

September 5, 2008


This is a glimpse of a sunrise I photographed when we were in Fl last week.  Next post I’ll show you the whole gorgeous thing!


 Weight loss is something that was never a concern for me until the past few years.  I was lucky I suppose.  As a child I was an extremely picky eater that didn’t eat much.  As a teenager, my appetite came into it’s own I suppose.  I could eat every bit as much, if not more, than my uber fit football star boyfriend(my hubby!).  But a rigorous schedule of ballet, jazz, tap, baton, gymnastics, dance competitions and majorette practice kept me very slim up until about the age of 20. Oh the bliss of eating candy bars every day!

Eleven years, one happy marriage, 3 c-section babies in 4 years, 12 household moves, a bit of a sugar addiction and 30 pounds later, I find myself at the age of 31 contemplating my eating habits.  I like to say there is NO part of my life or body that having a child doesn’t touch. LOL.   I grew up in the South, and let me tell you, there are no better cooks than my Granny, Aunt Patty & my Mom.  They cook in true southern fashion. And every time I go home for a visit, I come back 5 pounds heavier.  And let me tell you, Paula Deen has nothing on them!

I’m a bit of a grazer.  I eat my meals, but I graze on whatever I see as well.  I LOVE food.  I delight in food.  My husband doesn’t understand that. I noticed a difference in our families while we were dating in high school.  My side of the family EATS.  We talk about our food.  We oooh and aaaah over our food.  We enjoy our food.  We eat 3 large meals a day.  While eating lunch, we wonder what we’re having for dinner lol.  My husbands family is different.  I’ll never forget going on my first camping trip with them.  It was the summer between 10th and 11th grade and they had invited me on a week long camping trip in the mountains.  I quickly found that they just don’t eat very often.  They might have a late brunch and then one more large meal.  Very weird to me.  I found myself whispering to boyfriend(hubby) “I’m starving, when are we eating?!” 

I’ve tried a few diets, 3-day, Atkins, South Beach… but, I just do not have the willpower to stick to them.  I’m STARVING on the 3-day and I’m CRAVING on Atkins and South Beach.  Sure, if I could make it past the 2 week induction phases, the cravings may pass, but I just can’t get over the 2nd and 3rd day!  Yeah, I’m weak, I know!  What I have found that worked for me in the past was the Body for Life program.  I made it back down in my 6’s with that.  And I probably should go back on that.  And I may.  Right now I am tracking everything I eat on  It’s a definite eye-opening experience to see how many calories I was consuming in a day.  Well, scary really.  So I hop on my elliptical in the mornings and track what I eat. Try to make wise choices, watch my portions and not binge on sugar. And it’s working…slowly.  It’s a really great site if you’d like to take a look.  It’s free and will plan out meals and exercise programs for you. Chart everything for you and help you meet your goals. There a multitude of supportive boards and teams and an encycolpedia of helpful articles. 

So what do you do to maintain or loose weight?  What do you find works for you? 



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