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Summer Reckoning: 45 days remaining

August 8, 2008

Around here 8:00pm is bedtime.  As a homeschooling stay at home mom, I am with my kids 24/7.  We don’t live near our family and babysitters are scarce.  The fact that they are scarce has more to do with my inability to trust people than not actaully being able to find a babysitter.  Can’t help it, my mind goes into overdrive of horrible things people do to children… and no date night with the hubby is worth that.  But don’t get me wrong, when family is visiting, we love to take an afternoon to enjoy each others company.  Have dinner and maybe a movie….and if I hint hard enough, maybe a quick stop at a thrift store or junk shop!  Ooooh how I love a good thrift store!  Wait, I’ve gotten off track…I was talking about bedtime.

As soon as my children are sleeping thru the night, we encourage the 8pm bedtime. I have friends whose kids go to bed when they do.  I don’t know how they do it.  All I can say is they have a lot more patience, calm and “good mommy genes” than myself!  By the end of the day, I can be a little frazzled.  Just ask my husband.  He generally arrives home to 3 hungry kids running around like hoodlums and one harried wife trying to finish cooking dinner and watch over said hoodlums!  We have dinner somewhere between 6 & 7pm and then set to work getting the kids ready for bed. Baths are taken, teeth are brushed, jammies are donned and into bed they go.  Kris and I alternate nights, one night I’ll read from a book and the next night Dad tells a wild imaginary tale involving a funny looking trout named Doofus.  An ongoing saga with a hilarious cast of characters!  After the story, they get a “last sip” of water and hugs and kisses are handed out (sometimes several hugs and kisses!).  We say good night and turn out the light.  And unless the youngest is feeling rascally, that is it.  Silence falls over the house.  I breathe a sigh of release and know that I have a few hours just for me.  A wonderful feeling for me at the end of the day.  Sometimes I read, sometimes I read blogs or hang out in the cyberworld, sometimes (ok too often) I veg out watching TV with Kris and sometimes I sew or do something crafty.  And occasionally I head outside to water the flowers and check out what is going on with Mother Nature as I did yesterday.  Wanna walk with me?

Out the front door…look the sun is setting!  Wish we had a view of it, but this is nice too.  Love the light on the trees. 


I think I’ll head around back and take a look at the garden.  I didn’t get a chance to get out there today. 


 The garden is starting to wane now.  Peas didn’t do too well.  We’ll try again next year.  The tomatoes are just starting to ripen, but the rest of the garden is looking like it’s on a downwards spiral now.  Oh look!  The Teddy Bear Sunflower are going to bloom soon.  Let’s have a look…


Very cool.  This is a new variety of sunflower for us.  Can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like.  Here’s one that’s starting to open…


Each sunflower stalk has several heads on it.   I just love flowers~!

Oh look!  What is that on the zucchini plant!  COOL!!  Hmmm the light is too dim to get a good picture.  I’ll come back in the morning with the tripod so I can get a good photo for you.  Check back tomorrow!



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  1. August 9, 2008 2:50 pm

    You sound a LOT like me! I wake up looking forward to the kids bedtime.. hehe… And my hubby finds the same thing when he comes home from work. 🙂
    I love all your photos. They are gorgeous. And a stream in your front yard? How awesome!

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