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Summer Reckoning: 48 Days Remaining

August 5, 2008


My oldest daughter, Lilianne (5), loves flowers.  She keeps me and our dining table in constant supply of fresh posies.  Sometimes our family meals are adorned with one large bouquet of a variety of flowers and the occasional pretty weed. And sometimes we have a multitude of small bottles with one flower each.  Either way, I love the simple beauty that she brings to our table.  In her flowers and her smile. 


The vegetables are yesterdays harvest from our little garden.  We’ve moved around a LOT over the years and this is the first year we’ve been able to put some time and effort into having one.  Aidan (7) has loved it.  He’s up and out every morning checking to see if a new veggie is ready to be picked.  And since those veggies are finally coming into season, he brings me a handful daily.  We both have enjoyed playing in our little patch, but next year we have plans to expand that baby! 

I find the effort put forth to plan, plant and care for these plants teaches my children so much.  They’ve gained not only botanical knowledge, but also which insects are beneficial, water evaporation, pollination, and the responsibility of caring for the things of nature.  The simple act of gardening has brought on many new topics, directions of learning and interesting conversations between me and my children this summer. Does learning get any better than that?!

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”  ~William Blake

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